Hello, my name is Connor McLaughlin and I have recently started Buckeye Disc Golf in March 2022 and is based out of NE Ohio. We have recently started selling disc golf discs thorough our CBD website and transformed to an all exclusive disc golf site.  We've been playing/fans of the sport for over 10 years and are very passionate about disc golf. Check out our custom dyes, a lot of time have gone into practicing different dye techniques. Most our custom dyed discs are UV reactive making night rounds possible. Our goal is to grow the sport and provide a great selection of custom/stock discs.

Have an idea for a dyed disc, or any questions? Please reach out to buckeyedisc@gmail.com for more details!


Chain Reactors 

Disc Golf Recovery Program




The main goal is to promote disc golf and introduce disc golf to people who might find interest in the sport. This will be done by raising funds through disc sales/fundraising oppor -Created a trademarked blade design in which During the recovery process it is important for someone dealing with addicting to find something they care and are passionate about. Introducing disc golf during this crucial time could positively impact the recovery process in many ways not only for the individual but for the community as a whole. This program will be focusing on mental/physical health along with form improvement disc golf techniques. Exposure to disc golf during tough mental/physical/addiction recovery is beneficial because it gets people outside and enjoying nature which releases endorphins to help mind stimulation.


Disc golf has become a very popular sport when it comes to growth in recent years. We want to grow the sport in a unique way, change lives and have fun doing so. There are still many that have yet to be introduced, and even more who have heard and have yet to play. Realizing this sport is for everyone but Introducing disc golf in the addiction recovery process could be very beneficial psychologically, physically and mentally .


The sport of disc golf has exploded in recent years. The sport has become very accessible, cheap, along with great community growth within leagues and tournaments. This is one sport has one of the best co

a disc or basket funds will be donated into the program for every purchase of the design. These discs funds will be donated to rehabilitation/halfway/recovery centers.

-Create a program that not only introduces disc golf, but creates long lasting relationships within the community. People learn from mistakes and addiction can be very hard to overcome. Finding a passion and creating connections in the sport could potentially save lives and improve the local community. 

Create competitions within the centers, and find other ways to engage interest in disc golf.


-Closest to the pin

-Longest Drive (depending on space)

            -Mini course (depending on number of baskets available)

Phase 1

This phase will be the stocking phase, the program will be started off with 50 discs and a basket. In addition every disc that is sold with the BL4DE ™ design; a disc from Buckeye Disc Golfs inventory will be donated into the program/equivalent funds will go towards baskets. 

This time will be spent crafting a 1-2 hour weekly session that will focus on different forms/shots/topics.

Week One will focus on (Putting/Approach shots/Footwork/disc stability/Disc speed)

Week Two will focus on (BH FH Shot Form/Mid range shots/Anhyzer 

Week Three will focus on Fairway/Tee shots (Par 3s) (150-250ft)/ How wind effects shots

Week Four will focus on shots for distance/Hyzer flip understandable discs /Anhyzer flex Overstable shots/Overstable Hyzer shots

Option Two for the recovery centers is to accept a donation of a basket/s and disc golf discs without integration of a clinic or program might be full and this may be the only option.

Once enough discs/baskets are in the program (100-200 discs/) the program will select 5 Recovery programs in Northeast Ohio in which 3 will be clinical 2 will be for donation of a basket and discs only.


Phase 2 

This phase will focus on three local centers 

One center we’ll donate basket/s and discs with an hour-long clinic that will focus on the basics, with a guide that will help implement disc golf.

One center is a 3-4 week one hour clinic that will go more into depth on different shot types.

One center will just get an equipment donation and instructions of a simple program they could implement into daily routines.


Phase 3

This phase will focus on the results and input from people from treatment centers. This will help craft the most effective program by finding what type of involvement is needed and to what extent to scale. This will allow the program to reach as many people as possible.

Phase 4

This phase we will slowly start rolling out the program into areas that have high crime/addiction rates. Getting disc golf into the hands of those that are recovering from addiction could help someone find passion into the sport and make the process easier. Channeling the addiction rather than just stopping the addiction. Disc golf is addicting and once you’re hooked you realize that it is much more than a sport but a beautiful community that does the most to grow the sport. This program will help do that in a unique way that will create/help long lasting connections within the program/community.


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